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Can The Transfer Portal Work In Reverse

USC is staring at defection. Recruits are pulling away for lack of clarity on the head coaching search. Understandable. Can't blame a recruit or their family for feeling uneasy about the state of USC Football today. But the really true USC families who want to be a Trojan know that their time is coming. One move, one strategic hire and this thing can tip in favor of the Trojans literally on a dime. It's all about the Transfer Portal.

The TP is working against USC as we wind down the season. Players will exit have been throughout the chaos of the former head coaches mismanagement. We will see more leave and some will stall out and possibly come back. But that day is anyones guess today as AD Bohn narrows his available search down to an offer. Every week we get closer. On the day that happens, assuming it's a name that players and families will trust, the Trojan rebuild begins.

The Transfer Portal will swing back the other way. The bottom would have been reached at Heritage Hall. The cleaning out of the lockers and staff offices will be done. Some will be asked to stay many will leave on their own. Some will be asked to leave. Its a business. At that very moment where where the introduction of the new leader of the Trojan Football program is announced by AD Bohn the tp will begin to swing back. Kids will start to see the potential about being at a place where they can make a difference and be part of the new USC Program and bring it back as Pete Carrol and staff did way back when.

The Transfer Portal can be your friend when trying to make quick moves and the USC program will only survive competitively with its help in the new season. They will be held to finding those athletes who may be willing to take a chance on an epic ride as this one will be epic. Southern California kids will be re-thinking playing at home and being able to maintain their families and friends at home games let alone being part of a new and exciting point in history for the Trojans.

Fight On!

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