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Clear and Present Danger

The more the seasons change the more they tend to look familiar Strong programs repeat the past with constant improvement to the previous years performance always moving the bar They commit to excellence and are willing to add new pieces to the staff to move the needle and keep it fresh and in constant renewal

then you have the perennials They are typically the blue bloods of tears past but something just seems to misfire year after year A problem obvious to many stays the course and impacts the return to excellence But every year there is that hope tied to hype from the program within and the media

Finding that clear and present danger is the key Leadership owns this but they are typically the weak link when times are challenging They hope that the new year will bring the program back and sometimes they know a bigger problem is being swept under the rug and may come back to haunt them yet they love in and hope that this year the hype turns to reality

managing through clear and present danger is an art you can make it hard or you can do the right thing and pull the plug and flush everything from the past away You move on to fight on

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