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College Football | Grad Transfers

We hear about the topic of College Football Grad Transfers all the time now. Used to be a pretty minor impact that dating back to 2011 was just starting to rise up and be heard from. It is quickly becoming the free agency market for all of college football. What used to be an exciting day on National Signing Day is now getting pressure from the pomp and courting of the nations rich pool of talent available via Grad Transfers. Teams that were counting on one more year and one more push with their talented Grad student potential watch them sail off to their competition. The impact can be very deep if its the right skill position departing.

What about the circumstances for the receiving schools? They get a windfall of talent typically (or why bother with the pursuit) and a genuine proven skilled player by virtue of their past performance at division one college football. When I think about this program I think about the junior college transfer impact only now its a one season and out pony.

USC was a huge benefactor last year with Stevie T deciding to join the Trojans after he completed his pre Grad requirements with Utah. Can anyone imagine what it would have been like had he not decided on USC? Now in the NFL the Trojans are very thankful that he made that decision and our defense is on a strong upturn.

Taking a snap shot of the above graphic look at the increase from 2014 to 2015! Im sure when it’s all said and done the 2016 to 2017 will be equal or higher in terms of growth year over year. Since this is a blog it should also provide an opinion and here goes my opinion.

I love it. Any product or service can get stale. But the successful programs over time evolve. I see this as a natural evolution from the junior college program transfer success to the Grad Transfers. I don’t see the harm and quite frankly most of the departures are for personal gains to get to the next level. If their present school is not evolving why shouldn’t they attempt to make one run at the brass ring? So there you go. Im all in and look forward to seeing more impact reviews in the future.

What are your thoughts?

Fight On!

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