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College Football In The Future

The college football world we loved and grew up in is gone. Many will say they miss the old tried and true version and that's fine. But for many, we are enticed by the new energy this new world order of the gridiron is creating. It's becoming the minor league to the NFL, not unlike MLB has its minor league. However, I do believe the empire dream of the NCAA is forever gone. They were taken over by the desire to bring the economic balance to all who give and risk their livelihood each and every snap.

The new college football is going to keep you on your toes. It will twist and shout in many different directions and it figures itself out but let's not forget when Money is involved all bets are off on the quality of what will eventually morph itself onto the grand stage of ESPN and FS1 every week. Money will drive families away from their dreams of their child athlete's future. Money will be a big piece of everyone's decision-making process. At the heart of this is the athletes who have for years represented their schools and brought millions of dollars to the institutions and of course the non-profit NCAA. As those scouts and recruiters lure the high school families to their campus it will be a full-on Hollywood experience. No expense is too high not crazy media event is too big. Get their attention. Get them to the studio or sorry I meant campus. Then unleash it all and hope that your money offer is better than all others.

We are starting to see the ugly side of all of this. The rich schools will get richer. Even within the depleted Pacific 12 Conference of champions, they are fighting a huge uphill battle. One school has woken up. One school has the means to do what they need to do and USC is showing the world that the future is going to be very different. The rest of the schools with the exception of maybe Stanford will be challenged to compete with even USC let alone the SEC and BIG 10 money.

Will the new college football product be better off? I have my doubts. But I'm open to watching what transpires over several seasons. I'm more concerned on what the NCAA will do let alone the IRS as this evolves.

Fight On to Spring Camp!

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