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College Football | Rumor Mill

Love hate relationship when it comes to the Rumor Mill and college football recruiting. The good news or perhaps the bad news is that both sides are as guilty of the rumor headache so no finger pointing here gang. The high school recruited athletes are now in full bloom with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and dare I say, etc. Coaches will send out 100’s of offers with absolutely no real offer that would hold up in any kangaroo court.

What if we just said, no to the national signing day and the new pre national signing day? What if we allowed a family to be contacted during a certain time frame and sign up when they are ready with a not to exceed date for their childs freshman year? Both sides rest easy. The dollar savings would be huge for all parties. This should not be the circus it has become.

Every university gets so many scholarships per year. Each one has to take inventory so they dont exceed any maximum range. But then they panic as they may have 20 to offer but the players they seek who have given 20 verbals to 20 teams are not trustworthy. Duh! So the Rumor Mill starts. The rumors start to fly off the tweets. Schools have a visit with a prized 17 year old super stud and place them in the green room where they are transformed in the colors of the school with their number and name on their future jersey. One of twenty they thank God for as they tweet out their latest verbal commit off a great camp or unofficial visit.

What is an unofficial visit anyway? They may have to pay their own way I suppose on these versus the official visit but they are physically there. What not just limite all visits to a bigger number that is reasonable and make them all official? I don’t know but all of this seems so simple to fix. Is this where the Fake News started?

Fight On

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