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College Football | Spring Season Dreaming

The season is now behind us and even the phase two of National Signing Day is complete.  Teams and fans are dreaming about Spring season.  From the east coast to the west coast and out to the islands the thoughts of where “my” team will be headed in 2018 is on the tip of all our tongues.

Coaches shifting and stadiums in rebuild or remodeling mode the thought of spring and the power of what the warming weather will bring on the surf and turf of college footballs landscape is enticing.  We eat and drink the prospects of what this new class of incoming kids will do for our program.  How will the these young and exciting new additions mix with the maturing players in the program?  Time will tell but time is right around the corner and for the fans, coaches, players and families of the staff and players it cant come soon enough.

The Trojans have pulled off a third straight come from behind finish on National Signing Day.  Prior to the NSD, Athletic Director Lynn Swan announced the extension of Head Coach Clay Helton’s contract.  There it’s done.  The third season of Coach Helton is now in early full swing and the players that are thinking USC know this. They know there is stability in a program that has basked on the cusp of the playoffs the past two years.  They have won an exciting Rose Bowl and won the Pac-12 Championship only to fall short in the Cotton Bowl vs. Ohio State.  A game they could have won.

Gone in the heroic leader of the offense in Sam Darnold.  He departed early with the dynamic Ronald Jones and amazingly dependable Dontay Burnett.  These three were key in Clay Helton’s great run to date so here we go.  Let’s figure out who steps up and who becomes the next players in the “Can you believe this talent” chat.

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