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Colorado Buffalo Week

Whew, it's a new week and ondeck is Colorado. The Buffalos are an interesting team under Karl Dorrell where they finished up the Covid-19 season at 4-2 and many thought would be a tough match then for the Trojans. The 2021 season has not shined brightly on the Buffaloes so far as they won their opener and then battled Texas A&M losing by 3 and then pretty much got torched by Minnesota and ASU last weekend. So they are home but 1-3 while the Trojans are a mystery to all. Coach Donte Williams better have a crystal ball for this one as all bets are off with the Trojans on the road at altitude decent weather holding at 63 degrees and no snow and Vegas has the Trojans as favorites by 7?

The Buffaloes will go heavy with the run if their first few games are any indication. Not good for the Trojans unless we see some changes on the interior defense and LB's. Last years Pac-12 offensive player of the year Jarek Broussard hasn't quite lifted off in 2021 but I'm sure that interior hole on the Trojans defense is of keen interest for Saturday. Colorado has a freshmen QB in Brendon Lewis when J.T. Shrout via the transfer portal and Tennessee hurt his knew. Colorado is not a threat, yet, as an offensive focus as they are ranked in the bottom 10 in the nation. Durrell is a defensive coach and I'm sure he will be dialing up max blitz on Kedon Slovis given his reluctance to roll out and hold the ball too long. Let's hope Kedon watched some film on Kedon and can change all of this come Saturday.

Kedon will need to be on it against the Buffaloes who are no slouches on defense and are keeping their opposition under 21 points per game so far on average. Will this be the week we had all hoped for coming back from Martin Stadium? It can be. Its all about Donte's ability to get that Locker room off their butts and feeling sorry for themselves and losing Jaxson Dart to injury. Fight On has to mean something to these kids or we will be watching the repeat of OSU.

I still believe the Trojans can win this game. The should win big but I have zero confidence in them as a favorite right now. Trojans in a close one by 4.

Fight On.

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