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Fan Revolt Brewing | USC Loyalty Questioned

Well Lynn Swan you now have yourself a good ole fashioned revolt on your hands. Your honeymoon is over. You can no longer say you are awaiting the transition. The long awaited Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum renovation plan is out in the public eye and its beat RED. Not funny. This one has every legacy holder upset at some level.

Now I’m sure there may be 50 or so GaZillionaires who flat out are tickled with the new design but really? This is all the makings of a mass exit. Bring the Berkeley protestors to Los Angeles and help the Trojans Fans beat back the Administration. We need help.

Can you imagine being an admin in Heritage Hall and one day the memo comes out and you get to make 10,000 phone calls to families who have been loyal to the Trojans for decades. You get to tell these families that we are upgrading the grand ole girl and it’s going to be marvelous. The next words out of your mouth is that its gonna be real expensive to make this all happens but heck whats money with Legacy Donors. They have it right? This is USC. I digressed. So then you get to tell the lucky donor that their seats they have treasured and paid for (some with lifetime commits) are gone. In fact, you will be paying 10 times more and today we can’t share with you what you will eventually have for seats but pay up and be happy we are called you. Will that be cash, credit or assignment of property?

Lynn Swan goes online with a note all stating that the calls are going great. Most fans understand and support the new designs. Well if you only call a subset of the “Fans” you can get the answers you seek. I don’t think the Trojans Administration truly understands what they have done. They are taking advantage of a transitional season where the team is red-hot. The Coliseum is in desparate need of a reno and what a one-two punch. Can you imagine when that poor soul looking for the Ok we are in signal gets hammered with who the hell are you and why don’t you have any understanding of my Legacy Standing with the school. I will have your job. But no, this is exactly the right time to screw the loyalty right out of the fan base. No one wants to miss this year. The Sam Darnold parade to the Heisman Trophy. Line forming to the left please.

Is it too late for some sane chats with the decision makers? Can this be re-thought and redesigned to be a reasonable trade-off? Something tells me this was all a bad dream but something else tells me that it’s time to call Stub Hub and getting those Key Game tickets going forward.

Shame on you Trojan Administration. You could have done this right! You could have thought about your fans and friends of the program.

Flee On!

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