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Getting Cozy at the Transfer Portal

The Transfer Portal taketh and it also delivers. USC has seen it's share of promising talent come and go through the portal. Stephen Carr most recently of the Running Backs. The portal has also swung the other way for the Trojans and we are seeing some interesting talent arriving in 2021 to battle for those precious few spots in the 1-2 position. USC was a dominant running back university for many years. Recent trends in college football have moved more towards the get it done now mode but I for one believe a team that focuses on the RB through O Line has the best chance to compete at the very top of college football today and in the future.

So why do I go opposite t

he trend? To me its about the game. There are 3 sides to the game. Offense, Defense and Special Teams. If the offense is constantly moving the ball fast or stopped equally as fast the Defense and Special teams are way over exercised in a 60 minute contest. Ball control is game control. During the amazing run of all the legendary coaches we have been blessed to walk the halls of Heritage Hall they had that mix. Great running backs and solid to outstanding quarterbacks.

So who's come and gone to/from USC via the Transfer Portal to date?


Markese Stepp - RB to Nebraska

Connor Murphy - DE (still deciding)

Palaie Gaoteote - LB (still deciding)

Abdul-Malik McClain - LB to Jackson State

Chase McGrath - K (still deciding)


Keantay Ingram - RB Texas

Xavion Alford - S Texas

Ishmael Sophsher - DT Alabama

KD Nixon - WR Colorado

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