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Happiest Coach On Earth

When you see that title who comes to mind? Saban, Dabo, Urban, or Helton? The clear runaway winner is our Clay Helton. He is just this cuddly make-up of a coach who loves his school and embraces his failure by articulating his demise. It's amazing and at the same time troublesome. Interview after interview Clay states his lack of resume and regardless of his rise to this job his failure to execute. He sets the bar at Championship or bust. But does he really state which championship and what level he sets for himself? No.

Clay has this amazing happy oh golly way of getting his audience to buy into his ability to get the team to the show. But the show is cleverly never really defined. No media expert has really forced him to address this because he's this cuddly coach you want to invite into your home. Maybe he's a recruiter in disguise as a head coach but even that has yet to be proven as we have seen numerous Five Star California athletes in So California leave for the SEC and Big 10. But he's happy. He loves his school and pinches himself every day he gets to come in. Anyone seeing that new Apple hit show Lasso might draw a resemblance, sort of.

Fight On

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