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Happy 4Th of July

Updated: Jul 31, 2022

A lot to be thankful for this Fourth of July Special thanks out to all our military past and present who give and gave their all so that we can be free to choose to do what we desire in life

Our USC Trojans have announced an official goodbye to the PAC 12 where they have been holding the torch far too long The Big 10 came to a calling and just like that the 2024 season will forever change their course and journey

Exciting to think that this move provides tough weekly games where each win sharpens the team to be well prepared to go long in the playoffs and pursue the ultimate National Championship trophy 🏆.

Have a safe and sane day and be thankful for our freedoms so readily provided by the men and women who served and have served many paid the ultimate price to provide all of us our amazing journeys

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