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Hiding In Plain Sight

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Twitterville awaits the next big Kaboom of Caleb Williams making his historic announcement of where he will be going as he exits the Transfer Portal (TP). But he could stay as well. The domino impact of one person has several key TP players in limbo as well as the schools that are hoping for that law of attraction to bless them with the gift of the Gods and be right back in the fight for their upcoming 2022 season and beyond. If only it was this easy to get a player to decide. Name Image and Likeness, (NIL), has turned the world upside down from who can offer the best pay-to-play or bobblehead to fancy gifts that used to be illegally held with integrity by the once-proud NCAA.

So you are the coach of USC and you have been on board for a couple of months now. Working hard and bringing on good talent via the TP but have you really had a chance to see what is hiding in plain sight? Lincoln Riley has two QB's who last year were showing signs that they can compete. Mo Hasan was hurt as most of us know and Miller Moss just kept doing what he was asked to do and spinning the rock to his receivers while he watched patiently on the sidelines supporting Kedon Slovis and then Jaxson Dart. Both were hurt and played hurt. Miller got his limited action late in the season and didn't disappoint.

So break it down, most of the Trojan Family would say that Kedon played well in year one. In fact, he was the boy wonder by the media. Jaxson Dart turned his first game into future NIL money with the game of his career, so far. The common link to both of these talented players was? No Experience. Thrust into the limelight one on the road and one at home. No experience. The knock on Miller Moss? No experience. So I scratch my head and think well USC is pretty good at finding the talented quarterbacks in high school over the years. Had a few great ones and good ones. So why do Kedon and Jaxsons no experience time seem to be forgotten that they too were put in the game and had no business being in there so to speak?

This is where Miller Moss is uniquely different. He has program experience. He has been in countless games waiting and watching and more importantly learning. He has seen enough film to give him the situational knowledge that most never get when they step in as QB-1. So if Kedon and Jaxson were so exciting and excelled when given the shot with NO playing time what makes it so hard to see what is hiding in plain sight with Miller Moss?

I always look for those players that are focusing on the School. The coach is secondary and maybe that's old school but I find it helps build the culture from the ground up. It keeps the locker room focused with like minds that came to USC, in this case, and wanted to be there. They commit. Find me more Miller Moss leaders!

Fight On

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