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How Do you Like me Now?

Very limited information from fall camp, which is normal. Well normal since Pete Carroll went full invites to the public, I suppose. While I can respect Coach Riley's brief media exposure with the camp, it is creating a buzz that is very positive overall, and that anticipated reveal with game number one in the Lincoln Riley era with the university of Rice. The Owls are coming to the LA Coliseum. USC must not only beat the Owls, but they also need to do so convincingly. No stone unturned, as we like to say. Pound the rock. ESPN has this simulation program that will feature teams playing each other in 2022/23. There is one common look in the games I have watched to date. ESPN is predicting via their simulation that we will be a passing machine sprinkled with a few running plays. I think they are wrong, and I believe we will see a nice mix of running and RPO-type situations that will rekindle running back University. I'm hoping ESPN is wrong on their forecasted assumptions via this simulator.

So, what flavor of USC will we see? Where will Lincoln Riley make those big moves in the reshaping and redefining of the culture to a much more physical display resulting in the field display of that fear in the visitor's eyes as they take the field? There were so many games in the PC and before PC era where the Trojans would literally win the game in the tunnel of the Coliseum as that visiting team has to endure that walk through all that history, and of course, as USC would take the field it was overwhelming to some teams, and the results were seen by all who were there as the games began.

How will this team make that first impression on the world of College Football? Execution is the key. Mental toughness and the willingness to have that street fight and stand tall. We hear it in Coach Riley's speeches to the team and media will we see it on the field of battle? The good news is September 3rd, we all will see this era get off the ground, dust off the past, and begin to reshape USC Trojan Football in a way that wakes up the ghosts of the past and establishes the school's new culture once and for all.

Fight On

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