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I Want to be a Powerhouse

The dream of every sports program is to be a powerhouse in the sport they are invested in. To dominate and repeat year after year. To know that when they begin a new season they have been there before and that all who stand in their way will face as fierce a competitor as they have ever seen. It used to be that when teams entered the LA Coliseum and had to enter the field of play through the tunnel that the ghosts of all those past champions reminded them that this was USC Football and that there will be pain put on their bodies like never before. They spent so much time thinking about this that when the coin flip happened they never look the same.

A brand is just that. It's a mirror of what happened and an expectation of what is to come. It takes years to develop a brand and as precious as those years are they can be wiped from the present just like that if the right pieces of the puzzle are not in place to continue the dominance that the brand has earned.

To many in the media and fans alike its about recruiting the best and letting them shape the program going forward. This is a huge mistake and has been repeated over and over where dynasty's come and go. It's not about having the best and the brightest. It's about recruiting the right talent (needed) and developing them. This creates a repeatable process and thus a program approach to winning. Once you have the right Leadership who understand this and an administration that wants to see this happen well the future is wonderful.

The Law Of Attraction is real. It's the most powerful bi-product of a winning program. Not a season as they come and go. You have to string together the winning tradition to dominate and repeat and the rest will follow. Your ability to recruit is dominated by your teams ability to attract and be truly powerful on and off the field of battle.

Fight On a new day dawns soon.

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