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Just Play Baby

Many will say that Colorado was just the pill the Trojans needed. But I for one said that after the Cougar win and then came OSU. So yesterday we saw what all three elements of the team can do when they stay 80% focused. I can't say 100% because the mental mistakes leading to penalties against top level teams will result in a loss. This team was rooted in the past mistakes that Helton never fixed or shall we say never walked the talk on his Mastery of the Game theories. Coach Williams can try but this group doesn't have enough time nor apparently desire to fix the penalties they continue to have and Im talking about the ones that are major not the procedure calls on the line. Im talking about the penalties are free choice where you taunt or target with your helmet as an example.

Changing the culture of the team will be more generational in my opinion. A purging of those who really do not concentrate enough to impact the changes needed. It will happen when a new head coach arrives and it will take time as there are many who found the old culture to be fun and engaging but never connected the dots as to the damage it was causing to the offense-defense and special teams. Great plays erased from many who just didn't get it or felt the consequences of their actions would soft and tolerated.

Yesterday we saw a team playing free. We saw the running game take a big step against a team that has been a challenge to run against in the past. The defensive strategy to put the ball in the Buffalo's QB hands to beat them was brilliant and proved highly successful. Take away the one big gain and these stats would have been overwhelming on the Trojans side of the ledger.

Next up is Utah and the Utes have been mourning the loss of a member of the family and trying to dedicate the season to #22. Given all that is flying around this season and managing through COVID it is impossible to tell what the state of mind for the Utes will be. With respect to USC well since the firing of Helton they too are unpredictable. These two teams typically battle and USC will need every bit of the energy and execution of the the 3 areas of play to win this one!

Fight On bring on the Utes

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