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Leadership Vision and Execution

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

When we all look at those amazing programs or companies that just do well year after year what do we see? A lucky group of people? Companies that just have it too easy? I would say none of the above. I look at programs versus seasons for a reason. Looking at history tells us that the "dynasties" of the past and in some cases the present are built on the long view of success. They are keenly focused on winning today but things happen that will alter the short-term vision of what experience they are undertaking. They seldom sacrifice the future for the present and build with bricks and mortar versus paper and materials that are short-term designed.

We have seen these teams in sports over the years come in and out but for the most part, they sustain that capability and perceived image of strength and dominance. They are typically feared by their opponents who must scheme to find their weaknesses. You would think that would be easy to do as dynasties repeat their moves over and over to perfection rather than chase shiny objects.

Our beloved USC Trojans have had their day in the sun with several decades of proof that this is key. McKay - Robinson - Carroll to name the most recent three as examples followed by downtimes as we see now with Helton. Clay Helton never received the type of mentoring for this job. He lacked the basic skills to be in charge of a Team seeking a program as he had never built one prior. He hires people he can keep below his pay scale so as not to create a crease of opportunity. Seldom will Clay go after an individual like a Kliff Kingsbury as he did as that is an immediate threat to his throne. He has that silver tongue to spin even the direst of images and performances as mere stepping stones to greatness. He likes to envision that the Trojans are this close. A standard he sets is to win the South Championship. It is not a championship worth targeting at the beginning of a journey.

So who builds dynasties and keeps them rolling. Leaders. That rare individual who can sense that the resume and the individual across from them have done this before and if given the opportunity can do it again. Again, a glaring fact when looking at Clay Helton's rise in the organization and how he was Johnny on the Spot to accept the millions of dollars bestowed on him. No refunds here. In fact, he got an extension by another example of how not to do it with then AD Lynn Swan. On and on. The mistakes repeat and thus a program will never be built as long as Clay Helton has the reins.

The facts are clear. The eye-test is sad to watch. The sheer talent coming in the doors at Heritage Hall deserves so much more to develop a season of skills from the wastefulness of the present leader in Clay Helton. It's time to move on. It's time to build a program.

Fight On

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