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Limited Physicality Time in Fall Camp

Football has transitioned to a more physical safety environment for the players. Being a violent design from inception it was time to start looking at ways to protect the athletes as concussion protocols are on the rise. The NCAA has changed many of the Fall Camp rules and now limits when each member school can effectively put the full pads on. Mixed emotions on this one as in my opinion the athletes need to spend as much time learning how to tackle safely with full pads as they can.

I have also way too many plays where the yellow flags are flying around at the defense when in fact the offensive player initiated the wrong contact with a lowering of the helmet as they encounter the defender. Never liked that interpretation there. I found it similar to James Hardin in the NBA and his clever way of drawing way too many fouls that he initiates. I could go on. The point regarding Hardin is that the NBA finally has done something about him and the countless others who have copied Hardin and found their way to the stripe.

NCAA and the rules committee within need to head in the same direction. Give replay a true look whenever these flags are thrown. Yes, it will slow the game down but if we can initiate a fair and impartial jury on these fast-acting plays then and only then will the OC's and DC's be on an equal playing field.

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