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Mamma Said There Will Be Days Like This

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

As the world turns in college football recruiting the landscapes are starting to really take shape. The lawns are looking pristine across the major programs. While we are talking major programs we really mean Major Booster Programs. Coaches are starting to speak up and speak out against the current form of NIL and even the TP to some extent but we all

know that the NCAA is not looking to dig into this and just letting it play out on a live stage to honor the court's decision and spread the wealth of college inbound revenues to all who take part in its achievement. I wonder if these young athletes get any Tax counseling as their million-dollar payouts start to ring off the line? Just wondering when those checks go out are the withholding taxes for the kids? Do the kids know that this is income and to plan for that rainy day come April 15th. Just asking.

As programs benefit from all the excitement over the NIL and the TP some programs that have had enormous success and leverage have also hit a bump in the road to building out the future. USC is not immune5 to this and last week top offensive linemen chose Oregon over the Trojans and while there was much to say about being closer to home one cannot shake a stick at the power and leverage of having Nike as the NIL bank account. Just sayin.

Josh Connerly did his due diligence and made the trips to many locations getting it down to USC and Oregon. While it didn't work out for the Trojans on this recruitment there are still many more for 2023 and 2024 aligning well. Time will tell. The Connerly disappointment hurt because this was all about 2022 and NOW. He was a KEY part of the USC plans for 2022 and had a chance to see significant playing time although I for one believe the current O Line #1's are looking pretty good and have experience.

Coach Lincoln Riley handled this big loss very well. While he was very disappointed this was a battle of family and the family wants to see their young children as often as they can as they take on life's great experiences to their dreams of the future and the NFL one day soon. So throw out the rear-view mirrors and set your sights forward and keep pumping the cultural shift that is as important as key high school seniors. The future is bright at USC and for the first time in many years of wondering if Heritage Hall was asleep at the wheel, we are seeing signs of a rejuvenated athletic department and a program clearly on the rise to regain its seat at the table.

Fight On

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