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March Madness Gets Real

It's that special time of year when all of the crazy travel and conference battles have resulted in 68 teams getting to the big show. This year will have an asterisk by it but I believe the winner this year should get two trophies. One for winning and one for surviving COVID-19. What an amazing accomplishment to get this many teams spread all over the country through to the finish line of the regular season and now the 4 team play-in followed by the start of the field of 64!

You have to love this. You have to wonder why the same Colleges cannot figure out a better and deeper playoff system for football. Ok, I did it. I'll stop. This is a basketball post! Shame on me for that one. USC has a team that I would not want to play. They are tall and athletic but at times they go to sleep. They play to the level of the competition all too often and have dug some deep holes to climb out of. They should have won the PAC-12 going away this year. But Coach Andy has that dark cloud over his Big Game chill that has to end. It has to end now. This team should get to the sweet 16 and maybe the elite 8 although that's a big push. I don't think their path is as difficult as others but they do have that Gonzaga team plastered at the stop sign.

The Trojans have to wait for the winners of the play-in games to know who they will be going up against. So they prepare for two teams which is added overhead for a staff that could use a break or two. Looking past round one and you are done. So many teams play that what-if scenario in their heads that they envision the next game while wondering what just hit them.

For this Trojan team, we need to get to the 16 at a minimum. They can do this and at that point it's anyone's guess.

Just Win Baby!

Fight On Trojan Basketball!

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