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March Madness USC Can Finish

It's exciting to see Andy Enfield has yet another big game tonight with the Colorado Buffalos. The Buff's are holding court after beating the Trojans earlier and making up one of those four losses for the year. USC has to do what it did to Oregon. It's not about winning the game it's about stuffing the ball down the throats of the Buffs. Not allowing them to see any hope as they go into the locker room at halftime.

It's all about Signature Wins and Enfield is lacking big time over his career at the helm of USC Basketball. He can finish out and he can claim that this team in this crazy year was his ultimate team and worthy of the final four looks as the March Madness pairings begin to take shape soon. A big win tonight coupled with the showing against Oregon this week and you are well on your way to establishing a strong-looking tournament team. The jury is clearly out on the Trojans and the ugly showings of the past rest on the shoulders of coach Enfield.

This team is crazy streaky. They need to find a slight upward tilt towards the top. Not too much up and not too much down as they play through the game. Dominate and punish. The media will reward and as far as the west goes it's a pretty sparse group right now so USC could be the only bright light program left to represent the seeds of 4.

On the road in Colorado. The USC Trojans once again have a chance to define and drive their claim to belong. Fight On Trojan Basketball this is your time.

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Unknown member
Feb 26, 2021

So now what? Fold your tent and hope for a patsy in the first round of the tournament? Wow the fall from a 4th seed potentially to what is the question now.


Feb 26, 2021

Well the Buffalos were for real The Enfield Trojans well maybe the stage was too big as they either had altitude sickness or pissed away a great season ending

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