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Mental Readiness Is Key

All the skill in the world can get trapped inside a talented athlete if their mind is playing games on them. This is true for anyone anywhere as you function in the world day to day. It happens. I believe that Kedon Slovis as what it takes or we were all bamboozled during his Freshmen year. I think not. I believe he is extremely talented and needs to get out of this fog he is in that started in his second year.

Many will say that he had the best tools in the business to work with FR year. He had very good receivers and a running game that still had a pulse but when things went 101% Air Raid ala Graham Harrell the drop 8 blitz packages arrived. They came at Kedon with reckless abandon to the running game of USC as we all saw it and in some cases still do they don't care about the running game. I find this odd as well as they seem to still attract good running athletes out of high school and the TPortal.

With Kedon he is holding the ball way too long. The O Line can only do so much and as we saw this past weekend, insert a mobile attacking QB and the O Line was ok, not great but adequate to make it work for his style in Jaxson Dart. It was live and in color for the world to see and now the Oregon State coaching staff, specifically the DC, is scratching his head trying to plan for this weeks collision with the Trojans.

Kedon has the talent. He has a real challenge now in Dart. He has to rise above what ever it is that is still not clicking mentally and get back to what he loves to do. Spin the ball to places that only his talented receivers can find. Find it and all is well again in TrojanVille.

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