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Moving Forward California Dreaming

Most of the emails I'm receiving today from everyone are about yesterday. We all have either heard of the siege on the Capitol or watched it live or post-event. No one condones this and no one should. Did President Trump create this siege and promote it? No, but he did create a rally at the location of the Electoral Vote review. This is where he made his biggest mistake in my opinion. Rallies are fine when peaceful. But to schedule this on that specific date occurring in the same location as the vote was wrong and people will be taken into custody and need to.

We sit here in California where we have lived in one of the greatest states in the country. The fans of USC and the PAC-12 have benefited from the strength of this great state for decades. But today we are California Dreamin when it comes to College Football. Covid-19 took away many dreams of the fans and families of the players and staff. Ripped away from everyone at the very moment we needed it most. Many people think sports are unnecessary for cultures to grow and prosper. Just as there are those who don't believe in sports there are many who crave this as a release from the day-to-day mundane challenges of our lives.

Drilling down into our little piece of the blogosphere we have our USC Trojans. A proud tradition and a fan base hungry for a return to glory. A return that the current administration appears uneasy with as their actions speak for themselves. We watched the post-Carroll years turn into chaos almost right out of the gate. A young Lane Kiffin taking the reins only to be humiliated by an AD who was in over his head. This same AD, Pat Haden, promotes another disciple of Pete Carroll who self destruct to alcohol. Another embarrassing moment. Today is a byproduct of these early mistakes by Haden. His third mistake was to promote from within rather than seek someone outside the staff. Clay Helton's resume was very clear. He was in over his head. A glorified quarterback coach who was not ready for this stage.

Exit Pat Haden and enter Lynn Swan yet another intern AD in the tradition of USC. He arrived with a bandwagon of hope and ended being asked to leave as he arrived one Monday morning. But he had already cemented his failure and cast a dark cloud on the future of Trojan Football. He extends the contract of Clay Helton where no one was pulling on those chains to take him away. The ultimate gift that kept on giving.

California Dreaming is all about the USC Trojan football team when you think Pac-12 Football. When the Trojans are riding high the conference steps up and performs higher across the board.

Fight On

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