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Mr. Hyde Meet Mr. Jekyl | USC Routs ASU

Well last night was looking a heck of a lot like the Stanford team that showed up and told the nation we are a playoff contender. Last night the men of Troy lit the match that has been waiting to return since the beat down of the trees. In Tempe Arizona in front of an energized crowd the USC Football team re-appeared in the image they portrayed from spring camp and exiting fall camp.

On a night when the team could do no wrong the look on the ASU Sun Devils was shock and awe. The defense was on its best game. The offense and captain Sam Darnold looked focus and playing loose. Oh and lets not forget the Offensive Line play. They owned it last night. RoJo was hard to touch last night in his 200 yard plus performance. They were in the second level of the defense on almost every running play.

They had a push that was reminiscent of the Stanford game as well. This is still a work in process but on this night they showed what was possible. On this night they took the desert and sent an excited crowd home early. Lets not forget that this team came in on the heels of whooping Utah and Washington with a defensive stand like no other this year. Same team but a much different finish. Nicely done Coach Callaway.

Then there was USC’s defense. Butchered by Notre Dame one week ago you had to shake your head last night and pinch yourself as they were united in redeeming themselves. Last night they were in pressure throughout the game. They put the heat on the backfield of ASU all night long. They had a couple of returning giants in Gustin and Fatu but there was a very different spirit on the grid iron last night. Nicely done coach Clancy.

So now USC sits on top of the South. They cannot rest too long as the final games are all must wins. They cannot let up and we will analyze next Saturdays game against Arizona later on. For now, welcome back Trojan fans. Coach Helton and the staff are doing fine. Wish they would throw out the “Balanced Offense” desire and pound the rock but winning can alter feelings in many directions. Last night many a smile in Trojan Land.

Fight On

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