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NFL Draft Day 2 Round 2

As with every NFL Draft year there are interesting picks and then those that you just never understand. The NFL 2017 Draft is shaping up to be one that will have an equal amount on both sides. Our Trojans are on the edge of their seat for JuJu Smith as he was touted as our number 2 pick. Some analyst even had him in the first round but at a minimum high in the second round.

For JuJu Smith round two is now at the last third of the round and what has been disturbing is his name is not being brought up by the talking heads at all. The Raiders just picked at #56 and took a safety from UCONN. Has to be a bit disappointing as JuJu is a very talented and strong hearted player. Plays hurt plays with that physicality you would think the NFL would fight over.

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