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Not The Trojans Night

USC's basketball season ended way too soon for this team or did it? We have seen a lot of upsets in round one of this years March Madness and as it goes we tend to see this year after year. Kentucky losing and today with The Champs, Baylor, losing to a hot North Carolina team. It happens and will always happen. But my opinion on this year's team is that they played to the level of their strength of schedule which was very weak. Even though the SOS was weak and the media and tournament folks noted that the team didn't execute well against the bulk of the games and played down or perhaps just played to their current level of talent at this point in the building of the program. Got teased with that Elite 8 finish so expectations were very high but we lost the NBA potential rookie of the year from that team and that is just hard to replace.

The future is still very bright for Coach Enfields Trojans and his incoming class and future commits continue to grow. I for one would like to see the out-of-conference schedules take on a much tougher opponent. This to me was a key weakness for this team as their record never fooled those who set the brackets up. Their performance in the PAC-12 Playoffs showed the weakness of the schedule development and a first-round loss to a good Miami team is the result.

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