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On To Spring

For many in the Trojan Family, Spring Camp cannot come soon enough. The anticipation of the new era with Lincoln Riley is clearly heating up and reaching a level of excitement that hasn’t been seen around the program since Pete Carroll. I often have to remind myself that I was one of the anti-Pete fans in the first year. Very disappointed with his hiring given his then-current resume. Boy was I wrong. This spring we will unveil several new and exciting additions to the Trojans. The elevated level of excitement with the new recruits and transfer athletes is very encouraging. But as important is the new staff less Donte Williams who is the lone coach held over from the previous staff.

The new coaches have been on camera for a couple of weeks doing intro interviews and starting to set the table for the upcoming year and in some cases beyond. They express themselves fully involved and in line with Lincoln Riley's vision and expectations. When asked questions they answer confidently and with great details on what they envision their role will become the kickoff to spring camp and the 2022 season.

Setting expectations this time of year is always a challenge for all programs. USC has been overhyped by the former head coach (nameless) and thus the media has really devalued anything coming out of Heritage Hall for the near future.

As this camp kicks into gear the key areas are going to be the two lines. Yes, we have an exciting quarterback in Caleb Williams, and with Miller Moss and a rehabbing Mo Hasan we should be in very capable hands. The O Line and D Line will define how far this team goes in 2022 and beyond. Plenty of talent at RB, WR, and D Backs but looking at the two sides of the trenches you have the question marks and thus the KEY to 2022 and beyond. Although we have had several transfers come in we are still lacking that quality of depth today. The TP will be working in parallel as we go from spring camp to summer and fall camp in preparation for the season and beyond.

Fight On

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