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One Door Closes and One Door Opens

The inevitable finally happened. No one likes seeing someone lose their job. But when years go by and the obvious results are not there nor will they ever change under a certain leader then the fault of the person impacted is their direct manager. The fan base of the Trojan Family was in sync for the most part that Clay was and is a nice guy on the surface. He speaks friendly speak and never a bad word on anyone anywhere. He came across as that good ole happy person who always saw the positive and never looked in the mirror where the actual problem existed. I'm speaking in the past tense as he is gone as of yesterday and today we are already with a new interim coach in Donte Williams. So interestingly enough, while most assume an external hire will occur one never knows where the administration will turn when the final decision is announced. Today, Donte has the reins and who knows he has that potential to be the new head coach on a permanent basis. Odds are clearly against him but this is USC.

When a door closes there are many reactions. What will the players do? Will we see our Recruiting Class for 2022 go south? Here's my opinion.

The NCAA has created the Transfer Portal. Like it or not the portal offers full protection for a player and family to move freely from one school or another. So if you are in the program why leave? It's USC. If it re-births going forward in to the dominant program it once was and start to win again convincingly you were a part of that. If it just becomes a dumpster fire well say hello to that swinging door known as the Transfer Portal. It swings both ways freely and as often as needed. Families will be weighing in heavily but when a player is 18 they will most likely drive the next move. For those who have committed publicl

y well even before yesterday that was all verbal. Even a signature is voided by the TP if needed. So no risk exists. No challenge flag is ever going to be needed. The players are well protected inside and outside of the program today.

The search for a new coach and the announcement of interim coach Donte Williams is going to be one of the most watched recruitments in the nation. Nothing else compares today. Who will throw their hat in the circle is anyones guess but that will be media assumptions for quite some time until one person speaks for all. AD Michael Bohn has the reins to right the ship. Donte Williams, will be a tough no-look as he has the gift of being a good coach and a #1 National Recruiter so he has something that most coaches typically do not. I believe if he takes this team and shows his leadership and gets the train back on track who knows whether he isn't the one for the job. We shall see.

Fight On!

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