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PAC-12 Commissioner Thoughts

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

The PAC-12 has a way of doing business. Clearly a way that is quite different than probably all of the other conferences over the past few hires. We said goodbye to the Larry Scott disaster who came in to the conference as a Tennis personality with good credientials there but what drives real growth in College Sports? It's not Tennis. In fact, with the exception of College Basketball it's all about Football. So we look at the hiring of George Kilavkoff and scratch our heads as the first reaction is not a comfortable feeling for many. George does have the chops for the media side (we believe) but how he applies all of that to no experience in your number one cash product?

Kilavkoff gave us our answer in his talks since being hired. He has clearly stated that he will hire a football guy? Do I need to repeat that? So all these (12) Pac-12 Presidents hired George and he turns around and states that due to his lack of experience in Football, the number one cash contributing product to the entire conference he will Larry Scott us by hiring a Football Guy? The media is once again scratching it's head on that comment. How could the candidate not be scratching his head? How did they hire another potential Larry Scott? Sure, George is hitting the circuit and saying all the right things. Don't forget that Larry did this as well. Soon the Power 5 elite will look at the PAC-12 and start scratching their heads about a replacement for that 5th seat at the table.

George Kilavkogg will have a very short runway. Yes, his contract is 5 years and we know that in year 3 he will get an extension by the clueless Presidents of the Pac-12 but how does this happen so easily for this conference.. Lets think about the decision makers of the Pac-12. They are not typically all in for sports in general. They pride themselves on the holistic value of their academic achievements while touting the Conference of Champions. Don't look now but a lot of those funds for the academic side were coming form your cash cow not you pure play donors although they do an amazing job there.

The only way to fix the Pac-12 is to look at the University Presidents. They are the key and they are on stage now. Two back to back mistakes will cost this conference for an even longer time than the mistake of hiring Larry Scott.

Fight On

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2 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
18 may 2021

Ooooh no here we go again

Me gusta
Miembro desconocido
18 may 2021
Contestando a

I can't believe the conference Presidents continue to unimpress in their effort to restore the PAC-12 to a level of leadership that can drive Football.

Me gusta
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