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Pac-12 High Stakes Poker

Whether the SEC makes another land grab or not the other conferences are in a high stakes poker fight. Each of the BIG 12, BIG 10, ACC, and PAC-12 are staring at the walls wondering where the next cards will be dealt. These conferences are not the SEC and thus they tend to play their own strategies close to the vest and not make the bold moves such as we saw while the smoke from the rapid fires of the SEC on the BIG-12 subside no one is sitting back thinking this is over. w with the Oklahoma and Texas acquisitions. I for one welcome more of what the SEC has done. It's long overdue and selfishly it should provide an easier path to a better College football experience for all with new strategies around the playoffs and alignment going forward.

So which of the non-SEC commissioners has the gut-level capability to make the next move. Is the SEC talking to anyone else? Who is going to be the SEC West Coast path to recruiting. I don't think the SEC is done. It would not surprise me at all if the likes of USC, Penn State, and others were suddenly in talks with them to decide their futures. Exciting times for the fans but not so sure the University Presidents are happy. Their toys are being stolen away and they don't do well with controversy. Especially the laid back Pac-12 programs.

I would love to see a playoff structure with the top 64 schools in 4 Conferences. Each with 16 teams split into 8 divisions. All eight divisions winners enter the playoffs. The schools left out of the 64 initially will compete to enter the following year. Each year 10 spots will be made available to new schools while exiting the bottom 10 schools. This would keep teams from shutting down midway through the season and stop competing as they may bottom out and be left watching the 64 the following year. Instant excitement till the end of each season.

Wishful Thinking

USC, Ohio State, Oregon, UCLA, Michigan, Clemson, Florida State, Washington, Penn State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, Stanford, Wisconsin, Iowa.

Fight On

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