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PAC-12 Media Days 2021

Re-watching the PAC-12 Media Days from day one it's interesting how so many key areas needing attention just kind of went under the rug yet again. Yes our new Commissioner, George Kliavkoff, was kicking the 2021 campaign into high gear. Said a lot that we all like to hear but isn't this like Ground Hog Day. The giggling head coach at the podium is in love with his world and welcome to it. Hugging every single entity that exists around the USC image and tradition. Clay loves his job and he knows how to keep it. Has nothing to do with winning championships. Clay is playing that love me card because I love you. He's really good at it and I believe this is who he is. Twenty Six years of building this act. He's good at how he grabs the audience emotionally to his brand of coaching. It works! He has the perfect administration to support him as well.

Listening to yesterday's session was painfully obvious to what is keeping the PAC-12 from rising within the community of the power programs. The coaches are average nice guys. They just love what they do but clearly do not have that edge as you see in the SEC or other more competitive conferences. From Shaw at Stanford to our own Clay Helton no one jumps out as a warrior who really understands what it takes to win an NCAA Championship. These coaches set the bar at the division title. That is a successful season. Not winning the National Championship. Just win the south in SC's case and you get another year high on the hog of head coaching central.

George Kliavkoff literally was minutes from one of the biggest shake-ups in College Football

in a long time. He was calm in his views and answers to the media. But he's a brand

spanking new to this role and hasn't had the time to stir his coffee while being thrust into having to listen to this collection of average performers at his universities. I didn't hear anything that you wouldn't expect quite frankly. My confidence in the PAC-12 surviving the upheaval with the Texas/Oklahoma move to the SEC is as low as it gets. I do see an opportunity for USC, UCLA, Oregon, and perhaps Washington to move to the BIG 10 and form a fortress to build on against the ever thirsty SEC but we all know the PAC-12 is so slow to learn what is happening let alone react to what just happened that they will only wake up after recovering from two black eyes.

Fight On

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