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PAC-12 On Notice

I will stop there as it's a bit of a stretch one day into the Lincoln Riley era to think beyond the PAC-12. But the irrelevant days of Helton's years are over. Kids will now have a local team who is serious about its past road to glory. The time is now for the families and high school athletes who love USC but have had their doubts to reconsider. Even today we are seeing de-commits to USC of players Helton recruited who were 3-star athletes. Times are changing fast and the PAC-12 schools know that the fertile land of SoCal is back in the charges of USC.

The funny thing about all of this is Lincoln Riley is not a new name locally. He figured out what others in the SEC realized that the SoCal High Schools are very talented especially at the QB, RB, and WR levels. Not sure I would go to the trenches deeply but we have had talent leave the state on the O Line and D Line while the past coaching staff just settled for 3 stars and walk-ons. No disrespect to the 3 Stars but look at the news today with players de-committing. A 3 Star doesn't make news committing or de-committing. They are just smart enough to know that the 4's and 5's are coming to USC with Lincoln Riley now officially installed as the head coach of the USC Trojan Football Team. Period.

The next few days will be exciting and leading up to the early signing period Lincoln probably won't even get to see the house he will be moving into as he traverses the freeways of SoCal. Rumor has it he has already had visits with key players in only 2 days on the announced job. Moving fast and moving in the right direction. We haven't had this level of attention since the Darnold Rose Bowl win over Penn State.

Buckle Up and never stop Fighting On! Forever

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