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PAC-12 or USC Now What

Imagine you joined a storied conference that has the infamous tag of "Conference of Champions" (earned) and boom. All of a sudden you are thrust into a battle for your future existence. The SEC acquiring Texas and Oklahoma, once a target of the PAC-12 ironically, and you are answer questions about mergers or defection defense?

So who's choice is it really? Will USC disrupt the conference and do like Texas and Oklahoma? Will they join the SEC or will they attempt to figure out a competitive alignment with some mix of Big 10 and PAC-12 and BIG-12 leftovers? How the hell do you as a brand new commissioner taking over a financially troubled conference and now this? Bring back, Larry Scott. Boy did he dodge a bullet. Had Larry just figured a path to do what the SEC did in short order the PAC-12 would be driving not following or trying to catch up.

What schools are worth looking at in a merger? USC, Washington, Oregon, and UCLA. Other than these four schools you really have to stretch to drag any additional teams to a new alignment. Can USC go independent? Will that work in the modern age of college football and the playoffs? Heck, even the BIG 10 conference is working with a relatively new commissioner too. Might be a blessing in disguise perhaps.

I would like to see USC in the expanding SEC and if not there then get their bags packed and land in the BIG 10. Don't wait for the PAC-12 to figure this out. This conference is not interested in being a powerhouse. They love their conference and are happy with its production. Even if it is losing money. Eventually, that last piece will ultimately dictate all.

What would you all like to see? The SEC has created a first-mover advantage but for those with leverage like the Trojans maybe it's our time as well.

Fight On

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Неизвестный пользователь
14 авг. 2021 г.

There does seem to be legitimate discussions going on with the BIG 10, PAC 12 and ACC. No mention of the BIG 12 but what's really left there now when you think market size and media lust. Im thinking they are talking both scheduling and a full on new Alliance which I hope includes the top 16 teams or more from all 3.

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