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PAC-12 Tournament Questions

For many years these tournaments always had that suspicious tone to them. Hardly ever when it comes to the Pac-12 Conference having said that. The PAC-12 was always that pure very conservative conference that allowed the teams to define the ultimate seeding to March Madness. Throughout the years we have witnessed editorials about other conferences making sure that their tournaments paved a way for the teams that would never qualify on their body of work but by winning the conference tournament prior to the brackets being finalized. Automatic berths are not always earned shall we say

Can this be proven? No. Never have I seen any proof of this but when a team goes from a prediction of a last-place finish and suddenly not only wins the tournament but beats the #1 team along the way and then eliminates another strong team in Colorado well it makes you wonder. At the start of the Pac-12 tournament I was comfortable seeing the following teams advance regardless of their efforts and results in the tourney:

  1. USC



  4. UCLA

Oregon State was never a consideration and boy did they find that Willy Wonka golden ticket and will be on their way. I'm still seeing Colorado as a 2-3 round winner but not going any higher. USC and Andy's question marks are hard to see past a round two but one thing I noticed in the last 4 games was the attitude of the team seemed to be more aggressive and more determined not to just quit and move on. They came back against the Buffalos and had a rebound happened on that last shot by the Buff's well we go to overtime and who knows.

Fight On

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