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Players Opt Out

Teams bond all season long. They strive to win their conference and hope to get to that elusive playoff or big bowl invite. Football being a contact sport has risk. Every practice and game one never knows. The fan bases around the country have their opinions of course and every player has their right to choose to play or walk away to protect themselves should they move on to the next level of their career to the NFL or elsewhere. is this right or wrong? That's the heated debate.

I do believe a player has the right to do what they choose and that should never be taken away. What I don't like is when a player who is heading into the post-season of play and opts out and then accepts the invitation to an All-Star event. So, given that, is an All-Star game safer than a bowl or playoff game? Do they take the pads off the players and use flag football rules? This is wrong. The All-Star programs should disqualify any player who is independently choosing not to finish their team's postseason from playing in an all-star event. We don't want to see them hurt and miss out on a combine event with the NFL as the risk should be equally as relevant between either game.

Players should always be able to choose but once they choose there should not be different options for the All-Star games. It's simple, Dear Student-Athlete, we regretfully rescind our All-Star offer for you to play. We will honor your concern to not get injured in a game that isn't really important. Simple. Done.

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