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Sam Darnold Whats Next

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Former USC QB Sam Darnold had the world by its tail. He got the city of NY while Baker got Cleveland. While Baker stumbled out of the gate and Sam actually looked promising the curse of NY caught up to Sam while Cleveland Rocks for Baker Mayfield. Two great-looking college QB's coming out at the same time, Sam a year early, but the same draft year and two different progress reports.

One can look at the facts and wonder what if Sam had stayed one more year with USC and Clay Helton. That was not an option as back then it was Sam who was teaching his coach. The coach had very little to offer if anything to

further his QB development. So why risk injury and why delay the inevitable?

The QB-1 position is the most visible in all of sports. They are the black and white role you either win or you are a loser. Then you go to the next level discussion and location location location becomes a key. The pressures of Cleveland vs NY. No comparison. If you don't produce in NY you can pack your bag in under 3 years fast.

So is Sam done in NY? The consensus is yes. He has an interest in Indianapolis and possibly San Francisco. Either of these two would be a huge change for Sam and I believe a positive for him. It doesn't help him to make excuses for what he has shown in NY. Injuries are part of the game and he did get the kissing illness of mono so not exactly a clean run while in NY. While the Jets have yet another new coach the fans are leaning in. Like New Yorkers always do. They are tired of what they have been watching on the field of battle. They want big moves and Sam is part of that I believe.

He would do well by a trade but until the ink is dry it's a toss-up. Stay or go I believe he needs to restart and go.

Fight On Sam!

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Unknown member
Mar 15, 2021

We continue to monitor the rumors but the J E T S are mum and just stirring the pot. They are not doing anything that any other team wouldn't do to maximize their investments but what a mental cost to Sam Darnold!


Unknown member
Mar 09, 2021

They need to move quickly. Steelers - 49ers - Indy or sit under Brady and slow this game down.


Unknown member
Mar 05, 2021

Difficult times for the young NY Jets QB the media is ramping up pre draft scenarios of a life and career outside of NY But where?

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