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Stanford Week

USC is off a week one win and should be in a deep focus on David Shaw and the Stanford

Cardinal. This team can drive Trojan fans crazy as the love to muscle the line of scrimmage. They come in to town off a tough opening season lost to a team that they thought was a winnable situation as did most. But maybe the experts are wrong. Could be wrong about a lot of teams coming off of the COVID 2020 year. How much of that plays in to this years expectations and this weeks game.

USC has to prepare as if this team is the old version of David Shaw teams. Not what is on the film from the opening season loss. That would be a mistake. In fact, USC has enough to fix on it's ledger that they should be very busy this week preparing for a rough game. It usually is with Stanford. Stanford has already announced a huge shift at QB and have benched week one starter, Jack West who couldnt get the Cardinal rolling at all. In his place theyw ill start Tanner McKee. McKee went 15-18 for just under 120 yards in passing with a touchdown albeit with only 3:18 left in the loss.

Coach Shaw, trying to roll softly on the switch, talks about how the plan was to play both QB's regardless. We shall see if West gets back in against the Trojans. Possible but the way he lead the team I dont see it this week. When is the last time we saw under 40 yards rushing for the Stanford Cardinal and David Shaw? Wow, that stata caused an eyebrow to raise. So what happened to his dominant offensive line. The Hogs West show is no more for at least this season.

Night game this week. Kickoff is at 7:30 in our beloved Coliseum.

I believe USC wins this game but I don't think it will be a cake walk.

Fight On

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