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Summer Camp | Critical Path To Success

It’s only spring for a few more weeks then its on to Summer and with that the Player only practice fondly referred to as Summer Camp. It’s a time when all the players seek leadership. They look among themselves to find that voice and that vision to take a group of talented individuals to the promised land and the eventual rewards of a National Championship.

Those who are fearless and lead by example will be the difference between a focused and successful fall camp that leads to a fast start with the potential for a strong push for the championship. For the Trojans this will be Sam Darnold on offense but who will emerge on Defense to take the defense to new heights and balance the field? Who will be that leader for the special teams that charges the field of play and sets the tone. It’s an easy choice for Sam but the other two have many candidates and this summer will shake it all out.

What’s really cool about the player only summer camp is the simplicity of a time lost. No coaches. Just kids getting together under the same lights and sounds as fall camp. But, they drive the whistle. They call the penalties. They pull each other up. They set the tone. It’s not one of the “camps” that gets a lot of press because of the lack of coaching presence but I believe it is crucial in the psychological development of winning teams that gel.

Fight On

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