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Tap Dance - President Folt USC

In this day and age with instant everything to delay information creates a sense of angst among those who cherish a sports team. The university of Southern California’s president Folt is hyper active on social media but when it comes to talking to the obvious elephant in the room surrounding the schools football team. I say team as today it’s not a program. USC Football is just a team. It has nice locker rooms and state of the art this and that but it’s a team. Good kids who come from competitive environments who the past five years have seen ice cream socials to No Pad Thursdays. A shame to watch all of this going down in plain sight.

As the fan base gets angrier the taunts (like this continue). Simple solution really. If the school is not financially able (due to all the illegal activity pre-Folt) just say so. Tell us we are stuck with a head coach, Clay Helton, who keeps asking to be fired for the foreseeable future. We have seen great kids come to the school under his leadership and all they get is disappointment and no real development. Last winter, Michael Bohn joined the team as AD. He had the excuse a year ago of stand by your staff and lets evaluate. He had good energy and most likely was responsible for bringing in a very good looking staff.

President Folt, just air the truth. If you support Clay for financial hardship reasons then just say so. Conversely if you truly support this level of coaching say so as well. Unlike last year where AD Bohn stood up with support for Helton right away no one is doing that this year. It’s unfair to the Helton family and the fans who are seeking change to just wonder and rant. State your position and let the fans deal with the future from your point of view and your support.

Don’t let this just run its course. Clay deserves better than this.

Fight On

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