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The Next Chess Move

USC Athletic Director Mike Bohn is playing the chess game of his career. On the one hand he can only improve over the Helton disaster. On the other hand, by waiting so long to fire coach Helton he placed himself and the program in a limbo state. In chess there are several moves that are planned ahead but it takes a skilled player to see the board as to where it is going versus where it has been or is currently. Bohn is keeping his cards close and keeping his moves very silent for now. Its refreshing on the one hand that his closely held group of managers are also keeping quiet. Shows he has the control and trust going forward.

Mike Bohn has the ability to go down as one of the greatest athletic directors in USC history if his next move goes well. The keys to the city and rise of a once proud football program are awaiting that move. He will have the choice tables at all the fine establishments so-to-speak and never have to wait in line for anything he needs. It goes with winners and it lasts as long as the winning stays consistent and the program achieves it's lofty goals of playing in the playoffs every year and grabbing the Trophy to bring home.

The timing of Bohn's decision to finally say goodbye to Clay Helton left himself in a huge void. Two weeks into a season means your ability to lock down the next head coach will be months away. In fact, anyone that would be an early announcement is probably running from something versus running to USC Football. One has to ask why Bohn put himself in the position. Did he really believe that Helton had a chance to redeem himself in the eyes of the program and the fans? If so, I for one would be very disappointed in his judgement. Time will tell. Time is completely playing against Bohn's ability to act.

Looking at this another way, you could surmise that Bohn has a plan and has this all worked out with his chosen head coach. Possible. But that would lead one to believe it's Luke Fickle who is riding the ride of a lifetime right now. Chess is a fun game and both of these individuals are playing the silent game of denial.

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