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The NFL Draft | Drama Week

The NFL draft week is full of drama. Nerves erode quickly. Families huddle to decide on who will go to the live event to support their son who seeks NFL stardom. But how do you really know what will happen. We have all seen the rise and fall of expectations over the years. Its the good with the bad for NFL families of the elite of the sport. That we know for sure. One star athlete filled with the excitement of his next level of fame as he says goodbye to the college life and experience to bravely step up as a professional athlete.

The NFL Draft Back Room No one knows with absolute certainty who will be the first pick. The team with that unbelievable pressure may not really know until just before time runs out. Why you ask? A great question. The NFL Draft is a tricky business. Some of the most savvy of teams have traded out of the top pick to gather more later in the round or rounds. This has worked for a handful of franchises (New England for one) but failed for many others. This is an art. This is knowing an athlete at a much deeper level. The Patriots have been brilliant at this investment strategy.

So a team has the number one pick. Its NFL Draft day finally. Then as they are announced on the clock, they get that call. That call that could change everything. Perhaps its a player trade for the rights to the top pick. Or perhaps its a two for one offer where the number one pick is traded for two picks later in the round or rounds. If the Draft is deep enough in perceived talent then it’s highly possible to give up that pressure cooker seat for more picks. Why not? Looking at the USC NFL Draft candidates there are many who have not been able to see any first rounders. Maybe Adoree goes late in round one. But as much as I love Adoree as a person and player my number one pick out of the Trojans is JuJu Smith. This kid’s heart is unmeasurable. His talent is known. Good speed. Strength to take on anything under or over the defense and relentless pursuit of the goal line or yard sticks.

From a career standpoint sometimes getting chosen in the later rounds means you go to a better team more able to reach the Super Bowl. Not a bad gig. But at a cost to your pocket book when it comes to your first contract. So, you go lower. You get to earn your second contract the good old fashion way. If you stay healthy and keep to a smart after hours practice the right teams will notice your God given talent. I think this years Trojans will all do just fine. Not early rounders but all will end up somewhere and all will get a chance to prove the early choices wrong.

Good luck Trojans NFL Draft day.

Fight On.

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