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The Tide Is On a Roll

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The Alabama Crimson Tide does not like to hibernate without their goals complete under coach Nick Saban. The team sets it's annual goals in the same place every fall and never shifts its focus. Last year they came up short and even with COVID-19 and all the challenges set before them they played with a relentless pursuit of their mission.

When a distraction pops up, like the announcement this weekend of OC Sarkasian accepting the Texas Longhorn head coaching position, they roll on. Coach Saban acknowledged it and went right back into the film room to study the Ohio State Buckeyes their next victim or shall I say oppenent. Time will tell for on Jan 11th next week these two infamous programs will meet head to head in what arguably will be a battle royale.

While I'm picking the Tide in this one I do believe we will see a battle. The key will be the defensive line of Bama vs the stout offensive line of Ohio State. He who wins the trenches wins this game. The QB's have their eyes on the prize and this will be a great way to kick COVID in the teeth and get this country back on its mission.


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