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The University of California

This is an institution located in a city that believes it's in it's own rules. Makes things up as it goes. Horrible communications within the administration and athletic department. In 2021 they have the distinction of the worst run COVID-19 program and the only one so far to have to cancel a game due to their lack of control and management. This at a school that calls itself the Harvard of the West? Surely they have some of that Jones Town cool aide hidden in the cupboard. This school is more like a cult that grips the city of Berkeley for all it's worth. The players and recruits of this program should think twice before they commit to a school where athletics are not a priority and where decisions are made in the closet without any input from the athletic department. Not even the decency to contact the coaching staff when they voted unanimously to cancel todays game with USC and move it to December 4th. The kids deserve better. The fans should demand change.

As we near the holidays and head into December many of the kids on both programs will be doing personal risk reward chats with the mirror and their families. Is a meaningless game so now pushed in to December worth the risk? Times have changed and even bowl games are being held hostage by players desire to stay healthy prior to the nfl combines in the new year. No penalty for saying no just a few angry fans and donors who had hopes of a playoff or bowl game with their stars. So as CAL and USC look at this new date what does it really mean? USC has a very slight chance of a bowl game but should they just shut it down?

If and it's a big if that USC can announce their new Coach in December then a bowl game comes with it extra practices for those assumed returning. I say assumed as every SEC and BIG 10 school is in close communication with all the players at USC today about the possibilities of staring in a real conference and to leave the once proud PAC-12 and come to their riches and abundance of great talent. USC may be able to find that diamond in the rough for a top tier coach or get lucky as it did with Pete Carroll who no one was talking to when he knocked on the door of Mike Garrett's office way back when. So it can happen. Just don't hold your breath.

To the CAL Administration shame on you. Such a smart University that couldn't figure out a way to manage the COVID-19 protocols and become the asterisk in 2021 to the football season.

Fight On

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