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The Walls of Jericho

There are times in every moment when the walls of Jericho come tumbling down. When everything around your center of the universe is figuring things out and yet your center is well not able to. The obvious seems so obvious that nothing gets done. Not a hand is lifted to fix what is so clearly broken. Time seems to slow down while everything around you springs in a new direction with a purpose and surging new support and investment.

Every building on the campus of The University of Southern California has walls. The walls that once stood for strength and drove high school graduated seniors to test their skills at an elite level. Where time stood still and graduating four years later meant a commitment to staying with the program no matter what the challenge physically or mentally. Today we see a shell of the former proud university. It prods along like it lacks purpose and cannot get out of its own way.

Whether it's the announcements from the administration to pull back its investments in the amazing Dentistry Program or an athletic director who is caught in the middle of the fans and a president who could care less about the success of the bullies on the football field. So who cares about the lowly fans and alumni? Where do they turn when the people normally responsible for their happiness and donations no longer function as they once had? Why does everything seem to pass your school by? Is there a bigger issue fundamentally stripping the collective spirit out of the throat of the organization?

The PAC-12 did their job or I guess the Presidents of the university did as Larry is no longer and yet team after team continues to rebuild and reload but not USC. The Trojans are once again a wax on wax off the seasonally maligned unorchestrated mess. Where has it gone Joe Dimaggio? Who will be The Person to right this ship and get these kids the program they love instead of the false promises of a false idol?

Fight On!

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