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Time To Be Counted USC

Inconsistency has been the hallmark of USC for over 6 years now. Yes the program is in yet another serious change at the leadership seat with interim coach Donte Williams trying to keep the wheels on the bus. No small task as it's been over 10 years since anyone woke up on Game Day and felt like today's game was a given. The confidence in the program trickles down in to the locker room and throughout Heritage Hall. This is where change must start. Win ugly win big but win every game. Restore that spirit of Troy and that old feeling the Coliseum used to portray to all who visited the grand old Coliseum.

Donte Williams as head coach, has a Win/Lose proposition personally. He can win the hearts and minds of the players and then the fans by winning and instilling that stone carvers image of pedal to the metal speeches but he knows the chances of being awarded the head coaching spot for 2022 is not possible. He knows that if he wins out now that he will open doors within the program to stay on and grow with the new staff or have his choice elsewhere. Donte has a spirited approach and at the right time but this group of players has been brainwashed in to Camelot by the former head coach. They became soft even though the entered USC from high schools that were competitive and spirited. For the most part.

Everything starts and ends with the Head Coach. Everything that he or she does is emulated on the field of play. Donte was angry after the 5 penalties in game one for him. But since then we have not improved in fact we have gone the other direction entirely. Discipline is something that this group of players has not been held accountable and will take a flushing of the roster over time to install a new direction. The former head coach left quite a scar on this topic and if you have ever tried to remove a scar well you know how difficult the task can be.

Time to be counted on Trojans. All hands on deck, players. Take the field and make it your field and never give it back. Make every play a play that can change the course of the game and the season. Nothing changes without the commitment by 100% of the locker room. Start there finish there.

Fight On!

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