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Transitioning To A New Era

The USC Football program has a proud and rich history of success. It has also had its downturns but when she comes out of those downturns it's with a thundering herd attitude. To look at the history of the program you can see the ups and downs that are very similar to their blue blood-like programs historically. Blowing the program up one level you have a current Administration that did inherit quite the bag of challenges and hampered their initial focus on the football program. The fanbase of USC Football was not interested in that as an excuse and quite frankly were exhausted with all the Winter to Springtime child-like behavior of its former HC. I won't type his name anymore. He portrayed the program as right there. About to explode. Actually had good recruiting but also horrible recruiting during his tenure. But one clear obvious issue was not being addressed by the Administration. The development of the kids and the program was not happening.

Fast forward to today. The hiring of Lincoln Riley by Athletic Director, Bohn was the big step. The move that no one saw coming. Sure there was hope and sure there was anticipation but that name was not on anyone's shortlist. Precision or "pinpoint" strategic hiring is now clearly within the walls of Heritage Hall. AD Bohn and his staff, are looking long term but moving at the speeds that make huge steps to secure that history of dynasty level performance going forward.

While we would all like to see us in the Playoffs in 2022 that is clearly not looking possible but this is College Football and with all the changes occurring with the Transfer Portal (TP) and the rebuilding of the culture with one of the biggest sweeps of a locker room I have seen at USC in over 6 decades this is a staff to trust. They understand a sense of urgency and they obviously have the ability to rebuild USC Football asap.

The Name Image Likeness (NIL) program is exploding the ability of High School and existing players to re-think. They are able to now market themselves. Schools need to be thinking about how your program is helping them not only with NIL support externally but also educationally. What these kids and families need to see is a programmatic approach to educating these kids and their families on what NIL means financially and how to plan for success if they participate. Create the curriculum and offer it in the ongoing courseware. Make it mandatory for all Athletes. Help set them up with financial institutions that can manage their wealth going forward before the Agents get ahold of them.

The New ERA with Lincoln Riley as our head coach is in full motion forward. No stones unturned attitude and approach. Making difficult decisions with extreme urgency understanding some will be hurt by these decisions. The Great Reset is happening. I applaud AD Bohn and Sosna for their craftsmanship and great focus on the problem and the future.


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