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Trojan Keys To 2021

Take a step back and stare at the remaining players the staff under Helton and the incoming freshmen class. You can't help yourself but see potential here. The hype is under better control with the media due to all the failures under Helton so that's good. We even saw where those in charge of the big individual awards left Drake London off the First Team roster for 2021. He did get the nod for 2nd team. Is there someone from last year that deserved to be listed at the top of that list other than him?

So, ok London was left off. Can we turn this into a locker room motivation for the team in general? Should be a no-brainer.

So what are the keys to the 2021 season for the Trojans? The obvious key is physicality. The staff is making all the excuses of COVID you can handle to explain 2020's obvious lack of tackling physical and blocking physical. But really deep down is culture and when we say culture we are talking about Clay Helton's view of USC Football. It's not what the fans want it won't change with him at the helm so how do we get to the potential of all this talent. Here goes.

Three Keys

  1. Really drive physically hard practices

  2. Change the mix of offensive play calls to add more downhill running plays

  3. A no job is secure attitude - earn it in practice

You may look at that shortlist and say ya so what or we have been saying this for a long time. But this is where "current" AD Michael Bohn should be focusing his report card on the football program. If he chooses to look the other way and just ride out another season of "what happened" then we will see what we always see from a Clay Helton lead team. I just hope this good collection of staff members don't get frustrated with the lack of control to move this needle once and for all.

Fight On!

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2 Kommentare

16. Feb. 2021

The bar is very low so the potential is extremely high

Gefällt mir

15. Feb. 2021

I’m wishing for USC to be a lot better in 2021 and be able to play in the Rose Bowl. Yea USC!

Gefällt mir
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