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Trojan Tradition | Returns With Vengeance

Spring camp, the NFL Draft and next up is the summer camp. Players only and leaders will be born and chosen from within. They will stand tall and be trusted for the season of dreams right around the corner for the Trojans. Between the start of Summer Camp and now there will be many who focus on their own game. They will hit the weight room and hit the film room. They will be laser focused on getting their mind and body’s ready for battle.

There are new players entering the frey. High School proms are running through their minds as they conclude their high school phase and begin to shape their futures at a major power five conference school the legendary University of Southern California. The cardinal and gold run through their veins the first time they step on the campus. For some it happens many weeks if not months prior as their desires and dreams come to the forefront. Family members who are legacy and those who are experiencing the Trojan Tradition for the first time can’t wait for September.

We will have many memories to write and many stories to listen to and tell this year. Every year the anticipation reaches a threshold during the summer as the media biased to the east treads ever so carefully around the west and who might upset the apple car of the SEC. But wait a minute. Didn’t the SEC just lose to lower ranked Clemson of the ACC for the grand prize in 2017? That’s why we play the games. Make no mistake, Alabama will be back and back with a new vengeance as they reloaded and retooled their deep arsenal of skill. No team is blessed with more raw talent 3-4 deep in the key skilled areas of the game.

But this year unlike any of the past six years feels very different. We saw the beginning of the new era in game three against Utah last year. A new QB-1 rose up and took the snap from a favorite son. A gun slinger of pure talent and ice in his veins. He lost his first game but he easily could have won that one. To many, he won much more. To many he became that light in the tunnel that has been dark for many seasons.

We are going to be watching the charts tilt now. We will begin to see the swagger one game at a time rise up and be heard let alone seen. The Trojans are coming and they are hungry for victory.

Fight On to all the families, players and true fans of the USC Trojans.

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