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USC 2018 Abundance | Execution Time

There are many examples of sporting teams that are loaded with potential.  The media can’t get them off of their minds and write and or talk about the coming season as if it’s a for gone conclusion that a championship season is imminent.  In this day and age we cannot get enough of what might be and we want it yesterday.  We don’t want to hear things that in three years we will see what we all want and desire.  In three more years we will see it all.  But the media and the fans see this abundance of talent.  This amazing program with a rich history of setting the standards amongst the powerful elite programs.  There cannot be an easy path to the ultimate prize.  This would taint the very existence of what we seek as fans and players who cherish the top of the mountain and will settle for nothing less.

There are over 100 participating level one colleges competing each year for a four spot ticket to the playoffs.  Yet, even as they organize and plan for the year they know that even winning their conference championship doesn’t guarantee a spot in the playoffs.  Or does it for certain programs?  Will winning the SEC Championship always be an automatic berth per the media?  Will the likes of the once proud ESPN keep their elite conference with more skilled athletes available to them every year by the shear mention of SEC.

Entering the 2018 season the USC Trojans staff pulled off the great close when it comes to recruiting.  They came from the mid 20’s as far as their ranking was prior to NSD 2 and then boom.  The Helton express went in to high speed and took down a top 5 finish amongst the elite programs of college football.  With a new abundance of incoming talent and a full third year for coach Helton and staff the clock and microscope is on the program like no other time for this staff.  This talent pool should be competing in the playoffs.  Yes, they are replacing two key stars on offense arguably 3 when you throw in Deontay but there is plenty in the tank.

Spring season 2018 will be key to the overall development of one key position.  The post Darnold era is going to make or break this years Trojans.  No if’s and’s or buts.  If they can get a steady hand of leadership in the huddle that plays to win but not recklessly then this years talent should be enough to take this years corp of talent to its highest potential.  Let’s also not forget that athletic director, Lynn Swan, made a strategic move with coach Helton with the contract extension.  This was two-fold.  One it allowed the staff to talk about the future with a steady hand on the future.  When a coach is in their final year or critical year of a contract all eyes are on what might be not what may be actually happening.

So, here we go.  Ton’s of abundant talent.  One key missing position coach at the running back position and a National College Program needing a strong West Coast voice to finally climb back to their rightful place in the leadership of college football.

Fight On

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