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USC 2018 Football Recruitment

For Clay Helton has been criticized for he sure looks good on each of his National Signing days.  We sometimes forget his first dance where he had all of a few days to organize the staff and focus on the mission.  That was so long ago.  Today the Trojans are kicking the high gear as you can see below.  They have washed the board clean and although they may be their own worst critiques for not batting a 1000 on the wish list the graphic below shows a very strong core of seniors joining the team for next years class.

For the Trojans the next curtain call will be Spring Ball.  Coach Helton and staff can barely pause as it’s right around the corner and we kick off the 2018 season.  How will the LA Coliseum handle all the pressure of the construction and game time?  We shall see.  Plan ahead.  Get to your Tailgate parties early and enjoy the season when it begins.

Fight On!

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