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USC Brick by Brick Circa 2022 and Beyond

In the past 9+ years, the Trojans have talked the walk. Setting aspirational goals to win the South as if that was the bar to focus on. Just win the south and we get a participation trophy. That staff is now gone. The house that Clay destroyed is also now destroyed by Lincoln Riley and his staff have rebuilt brick by brick. From setting the bar at the real goal of a blue blood power five schools at the national championship to showing players the door via the transfer portal to seek a culture they will be better suited for. Clay is gone forever not just the coach himself but the players who enjoyed his soft approach to one of the most physical games around.

Setting the table for all future recruits to see that the change is not just talk but happening whether on the campus or the practice field. The fabric of the program has clearly shifted to a gear that the fans have been hoping for and the media has cast aside for many years. Sure there will be bumps along the way but the attitude is now clearly angled to meet the potential of USC's past and guide it towards its expectations of success and championships at the highest levels afforded to the sport. No excuses.

Lincoln Riley set the bar high. In fact as high as any team can set the bar. Not just getting to the playoffs where today only 4 teams can go but winning the national championship. In year one. His vision is simple. Build the culture to support the goal and brick by brick bring in those players by way of transfers and 4-5 star recruits to bring it full circle from the damage of the Helton era.

The type of players and coaches he has started to assemble represent the same spirit and athleticism to reach lofty goals. The key will be whether or not he can get the depth to this new group of amazing talent to the levels needed to compete at the highest levels of college football. Develop all the players who enter Heritage Hall beyond their wildest dreams and as a team Fight On.

Start the count down to Fall Practice!

Fight On

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